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Haikyuu Halloween!

Halloween is approaching, so I decided to do a small project on Tumblr! Haikyuu Halloween is just a small project I put together, in which people create Haikyuu fan art, fan fiction, or edits, but with a Halloween theme! I’m not very good at explaining, but basically you can all create something Haikyuu-related to celebrate Halloween!

Starting now, all artists and writers can start creating their own piece for Haikyuu Halloween. No applications necessary! Just make what you want, but there are some rules so that nothing gets too out of control.

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I already wiped the floor with you! The only opponent left is Ushijima!!
So BEHAVE yourself this time Tobio-chan!! -
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But really

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spooky-kitten-stuff asked: You're so perfect. I didn't even now that you were shipping tsukikane, they're disgusting but nonetheless perfect and GaaHina (porn) aww yes. Your choice of pairings is flawless your art too ofc. It's rather strange that I stalked you here from DA. But I don't know maybe gaahina shippers draw together ;)

Ahh! What is this!? You’re so very kind!!
I’m really happy you like the stuff I draw and that we have more than one pairing in common. I’m not surprised you didn’t know about my many other ships, ‘cause in dA I mostly draw GaaHina ( ´_ゝ`)… And talking about that, omg, please don’t remind me that pic, haha, I’m blushing ‘till this day, I can’t believe I managed to draw that, I really can’t! (*ノ▽ノ)
Thank you very much, sweetie!! You just made my day. ♥